Monday, November 24, 2008

Gookie and Football

Will learned a new word yesterday- cookie ("gook-ey"). He is also doing well with "m" words like Mommy, mine, and more (more comes out with a New Yorker accent: mmm- o-wa, very cute). If you know me at all, you know that cookies are VERY important, so I'm glad Will agrees with me. Here's some shots of Will and Daddy making cookies. Will is always wanting to help in the kitchen and whenever I cook dinner he will get out bowls and play with them in the microwave making his own dinner.

We had a fun family outing last week to the arcade and indoor miniature golf. Will had fun running around with the tiny putter they let him use and dropping his ball into the cups. Greg won a mini football at one of the arcade games and to his delight, Will loves to play with it. He even likes watching football games with his daddy on TV, although to be fair he equally enjoys watching basketball games.


Jen Ballif said...

He's quickly becoming a little man! I love his blond hair- so cute :)