Thursday, July 23, 2009

Horsies and more

I finally broke down and let Greg get us a new computer. Our old one was SO SLOW! Now I can post lots of pictures and it doesn't take me an hour!

This is so funny to me. Will was having a little snack before nap time and was so tired he just laid his head on his hands and went to sleep at the kitchen counter! I promise we get him to bed at a decent hour... I have no idea why he was so sleepy! Of course I had to take a picture before I put him in his bed.

Little Isaac is holding his head up so good. He's also quite the chatterbox. He coos and buzzes his lips and blows bubbles and sqeaks all the time.

While we were in Montana my Grandma just loved holding Isaac every chance she could get.

Will enjoyed seeing Grandpa Buroker's horses. Greg tried to give one of our apples to the horse but Will protested and ate it instead. He prefered the horses eat the hay instead of his snack. You can also see Auntie Tanza and her boyfriend Mike in the picture and my Grandpa on the far right.

Greg's mom bought us this wonderful double stroller and the boys and I have been walking all over town. We all LOVE it. It's a great workout for me, too. The weight of the kids and stroller and gear adds up to about 80 pounds.

We love going to the planetarium in Salt Lake. It's free and Will loves to see the rockets.

We went to the Riverton 4th of July parade and me, my parents, Will and Issac, my brother, and Tanza's boyfriend all wore red shirts. Will's favorite part of the parade was the motorcycles and the classic cars. Oh, and of couse all the candy!
We've had a fun and busy July and there's more to come- we're headed to Bear Lake this weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We're still alive!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last blogged! Time sure gets away from me sometimes. We just got back from a great trip to visit my family in Montana. Will had a great time playing with his cousin Scott he hasn't seen for over a year (that's a long time when you're only 2!) We celebrated my Grandpa's 80th birthday with a big party- about 60 people came. It's about a 7 hour drive (Greg claims he could do it in 6, my parents say it's closer to 8)... but the boys did really well.
This week we are moving... again! This will be our 7th move in 5 years of marriage. Yikes. We really are stable people, I promise! The people we are house sitting for are coming home from Italy, so we are going back next door where we lived before. Hopefully when we move out of that house, sometime next year, we won't be moving again for a LONG TIME!
Greg got a new job at L-3 Communications in North Salt Lake. He liked his old job but was ready for a change, and of course a raise. This company is really nice with great benefits. Good job, Greg!