Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chatter and Coupons

William is becoming such a chatterbox! Some of his recent sentences include:
"I have fun in Papa's Jeep!"
"I like Grandma's car."
"How 'bout some Curious George?"
"I see a big bus!"
"Uncle Nick work post office." (I guess he thinks Nick should get into the mail delivery field)
"I go buy a paper."
The conversation is non-stop with this kid! And like a lot of kids, he'll repeat himself over and over until one of us acknowledges what he said. I've been really impressed with some of the things he says out of the blue.

In other news, I have been inspired by some awesome deal-finders in my ward and decided to become a couponer. I just started this week so I don't really have any coupons built up to use yet, but I got some great deals at Albertsons just with their store deals. I ended up getting $61 worth of groceries for $20! I almost felt bad, like I was stealing from the store or something! Overall for the week I spent $95 and got $78 in free groceries! I'm excited to see our food storage build up and our grocery bill go down!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This past weekend I dragged Greg and the kids to Temple Square to see the tulips and it was AWESOME!!! This is in my old area where I used to work. Spring is without a doubt the best time to go there. I miss seeing this every day, but I love being at home with my boys.

I let William vaccum the front room while I went to change Isaac's diaper, and this is what I came back to find (note the sunglasses- it never hurts to look good when you're cleaning).