Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy and happy

This past weekend we were able to celebrate a baby sealing and blessing in Greg's family. Greg made all the meat for the lunch after on Sunday (FYI, 16 lbs of pork feeds 18 adults and 15 kids). We had a little luau-type meal, so he made kalua pork and smoked BBQ pork, which he had to start Friday to have it done for Sunday. It was yummy! He also grilled pineapple that was so AMAZING. I think everyone there could have eaten their weight in grilled pinapple. He is going to be one of those crazy guys that grills all winter.

Lotsa meatKalua pork pork in the making, wrapping it in ti leavesA few of the 50 secret ingredients in Greg's BBQ rub

Conference cookies (pumpkins and temples)I don't know how we survived as long as we did without a sandbox.
(His shirt says "Dirt likes me")I had to take this picture because Greg was so happy his boys were watching football with him. Aren't they the picture of a cozy fall evening?I just had to document the bounteous goodness that came out of our garden the other day. I froze the basil, made peach jam with the peaches, and made tomato sauce with the tomatoes. If you ever want to waste a good part of your day, make home-made tomato sauce. Those tomatoes were boiled, peeled, chopped, sauteed, simmered, processed, and out came the most bland, watery tomato sauce I've ever had. Bleh. Next time I'll just wait for Hunt's to go on sale.William has off and on been my vacuumer, and now he really into it. He likes to do the whole house...
...and then some. How lucky am I?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Suddenly Fall

I love fall! It makes no sense; I hate the cold, I dread winter. But fall... pumpkins, hot cider, candied apples, red trees, misty mountains... how wonderful! Maybe I'll start a petition to remove winter from the seasons so we can go straight from fall to spring.

"Look Mommy, a temple!"