Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's under your bed?

This week I packed the food storage that was under our beds:

That didn't include the food from our pantry, kitchen, or basement! Plus, we still have shoes, luggage, sweaters, and beach towels under there. I think we need more space!

Yesterday we went up to Golden Spike National Historical Monument. They do a reenactment of the ceremony that was really cool. We thought William would like the trains, but he didn't really- they were loud. Isaac thought it was interesting, though. It was so amazing to think about what life was like in 1869 and how it changed with a trans-continental railroad. It was something that was celebrated across the country with fireworks and parades. There was even 800 people who came to the original ceremony out in the middle of Nowhere, Utah.

And a couple of random pictures.
(I think this one is funny because it looks like Greg is putting Zac in the trunk).

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our New Place

Things are going well with our new house. We had the inspection on Friday and it went well, so we are on our way. We will be so sad to leave, though. We have loved our ward and neighbors. But we are excited to be closer to our families, and it will be nice for Greg to have a shorter commute. The next few weeks will be full of packing. If you have any spare boxes, feel free to bring them on by!
Here are some pictures from Isaacs birthday a while ago. We went to visit Greg's sister and her family in Wyoming because her little girl and Isaac share a birthday, so I made them a shared cake. William is such a sweet boy; when we go to the house and I went to get the cake out of the trunk (where it had been riding around for 24 hours) some of the lettering was a little smashed. I was kind of distressed over it until William, who had come to help me empty the trunk, patted my leg and said "It's ok, Mommy." And you know, it really was ok.

William and Joseph, hat boys.

Going on an errand with all 3 boys. It's a tight fit, let me tell you!

Isaac "helping" with laundry. You may think it would take days of neglect to get your house like this, but with our boys, it's a matter of minutes!