Monday, August 9, 2010


Here are some things we've been up to lately: The boys ready for church. William is too big for the double stroller but he still likes to ride in it.

Our visit to Kennecot Copper Mine with Aunt Bradie and cousins Alex, Kenna, Sam, and Cole. The little boys especially liked it, I think. Will was very excited about the "big hole" and the trucks and rocks.
Greg got a ukelele in Hawaii and has been very dilligent about practicing it every day. The boys love to listen and "help" him. You can tell how much Isaac loves to get his picture taken.
Zac likes to try riding Will's trike, but the seat is too high for him, so he goes chopper style, reaching up for the handle bars from his seat on the back, and then scooting around with his feet.

I took the boys to Thanksgiving Point last week to check out the gardens, and boy did we have an experience. I was feeling quite independent and capable, packing my kids up and going off to do whatever we wanted. I had the boys in the double stroller but I let William get out in the children's garden to check everything out. Well, we got seperated and I couldn't find him for almost 1/2 an hour. The place was packed. They had security looking for him and I was running around frantically tring to find him. I was so worried just not being able to protect him. I didn't know if he was somewhere crying in a corner or if someone had hauled him off, if he was scared or oblivious... Well, someone found him wandering around quite far from where we had been seperated and when I got to him he was at the consession stand getting a free cookie. He didn't seem nearly as upset as I was, but all the way home he kept saying "I'm sorry I lost you, Mommy."