Monday, February 28, 2011

Delectable sea insects

Greg recently went to Boston for work and brought home 2 lobsters. LIVE lobsters. They spent the night on a bed of seaweed in the fridge and the next day Greg boiled them alive. Don't they look appetizing? Not really! I am not a seafood eater. I'm actually highly "allergic". The idea of eating giant insects that live on the bottom of the ocean is about enough to make me... well, you get the idea.
Despite my overt stick-in-the mud attitude toward the whole adventure, Greg was very excited to cook and eat the little aliens. His dad shared the excitement and came to enjoy the feast as well.

Look at all the equipment needed for this meal for 2. I even had to run to the store to buy nutcrackers at the last minute.

Mmmmm, guts.

This is possibly the goofiest picture of Greg's dad in existence. Had to share it with the world.

The aftermath.
I did have a taste of the lobster, and I must say, it lived up to all my expectations. And yes, it was covered in butter. Still grossest thing I have ever tasted. But Greg had fun and was able to add lobster to his cooking repertoire, and he carefully collected and immediately disposed of every scrap of lobster in the kitchen, so I really can't complain too much.


Jenny said...

I have similar feelings about eating crab- the big legs just look too much like they should be walking around on the ocean bottom, and not on a plate. Glad Greg and his Dad enjoyed them. And - how did he bring them home? Did they have to have a body scan going through security?

Talia said...

Ha ha Jenny. They sell the lobsters at the airport so I think they probably see a lot of them going through security. Greg picked out the ones he like and they put them in a cardboard box with a handle. He put them in the overhead compartment on the plane. It's all a bit bizarre if you ask me.